Selected Video Exhibitions and Screenings

International Film Festivals: Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, Hong Kong, Creteil, Seoul, Flaherty.

Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals: New York, LA, San Francisco, Toronto, Torino, London.

Museums: The Whitney Biennial, Guggenheim, New Museum, Museo del Bario, LACE, London ICA, Wexner Center for the Arts.

TV/net: Sundance, BET, IFC, Free Speech TV,

PerpiTube: Hyper-Modern-Post-Alter-Anti, CAA video-art show, 2012.

The Owls: Berlin, Palm Springs, LA/SF/NY Gay and Lesbian, 2010.

SCALE: London Gay and Lesbian Festival screenings,, FreeSpeech TV, 2008.

Video Remains: MIX, New Fest, Outfest, London G & L, Flaherty Seminar, Exit Art, Art Inst. of Chicago, Silverlake Film Festival, colleges,, 2005-06.

Dear Gabe: Seoul International Women’s, Berlin Lesbian Film Festival. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rochester Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals, 2003. REEL Mothers, 2009.

Naming Prairie: Official selection, Sundance 2002. New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals. Cleveland Int.

RELEASED: grassroots distribution to prisoners and prison rights orgs. Free speech TV.

Women of Vision: Cal Arts, Occidental College, USC, University of Massachusetts, Johns Hopkins University, Creteil Women’s Film Festival; New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tampa Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals.

Safer and Sexier: Distributed to college AIDS peer educators nationwide.

WE CARE: Donnell Media Center’s “Meet the Maker,” The Brooklyn Museum, The Whitney Museum, WNET’s “Independent Focus,” Women in the Director’s Chair Festival, Museo del Bario Festival, 50 community screenings in New York City, 500 free tapes distributed to AIDS service organizations nationwide with NYSCA grant.

Women and AIDS and Prostitutes Risk and AIDS: The New Museum, Dia Art Foundation, London’s Institute of Contemporary Art, Ohio State University “AIDS: The Artist’s Response,” The Hong Kong and San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals, The Kitchen, Hall Walls Gallery, DCTV, national and international AIDS conferences.

Self Protection: Included in Video Databank’s collection of Reproductive Rights Videos.

Alexandra Juhasz