RELEASED: 5 Short Videos about Women and Prison

RELEASED: 5 Short Videos about Women and Prison photo

Produced in 2001
Length: 27:30 minutes

Digital Video

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Six media artists collaborate with women prisoners to represent new visions of this crisis.

From its opening statements by former inmate Angela Davis, to Scarlot Harlot and Duran Ruiz’s deconstruction of a 20/20 Primetime expose, to a portrait of filmmaker Cheryl Dunye directing a feature film about women and prison, RELEASED boldly styles an innovative statement about women, prison, artistic collaboration, and the nature of documentary media.

Completely unique in its format, this 28-minute dv documentary artfully merges five short videos to create a powerful – and empowering – forum to consider the personal and political meanings of what is truly a contemporary crisis. We get to know women prisoners as creative and complex individuals who make the most of the power of self-expression to draw compelling depictions of their experiences. At the same time, RELEASED also makes more subtle claims about the capacity of documentary media for facilitating contemporary social activism and change.

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Screenings: Women in the Director’s Chair, Queer Fests (NY, LA, SF, Toronto), Prison Fests.
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Genre: Documentary  Short Film 
Topics: Activist Media |  Curatorial, Editor, Organizer |  Documentary |  Feminist Media |  Film/Video Production | 

Alexandra Juhasz