A Stranger Baby Production
Produced by Alexandra Juhasz
Edited by Enid Baxter-Blader

Composed of Short Videos by:
– Enid Baxter Blader
– Carol Leigh
– Tamika Miller
– Duran Ruiz
– Joseph Saito
– Irwin Swirnoff
– Sylvain White

In Collaboration With: Cheryl Dunye, Christine Ennis, and Tracy Mostovoy.

Featuring: Angela Davis and Claudia Timman.

With Technical Assistance by: Daphne (AKA Chocolate), Victoria Schneider, Lauryn Siegel, and Larin Sullivan

Production, Post-Production and Distribution Assistance by: Jessica Lawless, Jeff Cameron

Thanks to: Kate Aberger and the Aberger family, Bonnie Blader, Dee Hernandez, Joseph Juhasz, Monica Lowe and Jim McKay

With Support from: C-100, Women in the Director’s Chair, CCCSI, Pitzer College


5 Short Videos about Women and Prison


Alexandra Juhasz