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Produced in 2005
Length: 54 minutes

Digital video

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Remembers and mourns the AIDS deaths and activism of the 1980s through one long-take interview of a dying friend.

Queer Fests: London, NY, LA. Flaherty Film Seminar.

In 1993, Alex shoots an interview with her best friend Jim as he tries to recount his life as he is dying. In 2004, she re-works this haunted video, playing it in real-time but letting bleed in a host of present day interviewees who also reflect upon AIDS, death, activism, and video. What remains is this woman’s contemplative, loving memorial to one gay man lost to AIDS that also marks what changes and lasts after death, across time, and because of videotape.

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Video Remains title
Experimental Documentary produced by Alexandra Juhasz, Mini-dv; 54 mins, 2005


Genre: Documentary  Feature Film 
Topics: AIDS |  Documentary |  Film/Video Production |  Highlight |  Queer Media | 

Alexandra Juhasz