Dear Gabe: Press Kit

Dear Gabe: A Video-Letter from Alexandra Juhasz
50:05, 2003, mini-dv

The feature documentary, Dear Gabe tells the story of six college friends who began to have children at 35. We have done exactly what we were supposed to: established ourselves in the professions, bought homes, coupled, made families. One of us died of AIDS. Good girls all, we ask-as do so many others these days-why does it seem so hard to get it right?

Dear Gabe:
My friends and I make choices where women previously knew certainty, choices that are entirely personal and a reflection of their time. My video shows the power and possibility we endlessly worry. We offer our stories so that you might gain your bearing.

Structured around private, poetic letters to my son, Dear Gabe addresses social themes rarely spoken in mainstream media but all too familiar: balancing family and career, self and children; re-thinking women’s place in male professions; mourning lost friends. Intimate dv-footage reveals articulate women who bend traditional ideas of race, sexuality, and religion to make more equitable families. Straight and gay; black, white and Asian; doctors, rabbis, and professors; and now, we are also mothers. How ever will we manage?

Dear Gabe,
In this video-letter, I tell you about our queer and wonderful family by allowing five of my female friends to speak to you about theirs. Look: our family is not exceptional, even as it is unique. Our story clocks the spirit and anxieties of a generation.

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Dear Gabe: A Video-Letter from Alexandra Juhasz
50:05, 2003, mini-dv


Alexandra Juhasz