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Dear Gabe tells the story of six college friends – five female and one male, queer and straight, black, white and in-between, Jewish and uncertain, biological and adoptive-moms – who had children in their thirties. Structured around private, poetic letters to the filmmaker’s son, and incorporating intimate home movies of her friends, this documentary addresses taboo, yet important social issues, and introduces us to strong parents who bend traditional ideas of race, sexuality, religion and gender, while respecting ‘family values.’ Dear Gabe explores the remarkable changes and challenges that have come to define the family model in the U.S.

Produced and Directed by Alexandra Juhasz
Telling the stories of our daily lives also tells a bigger story about how recent social changes have enabled new “kinds” of people the most radical, and yet somehow conservative set of choices. And there are consequences…

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Dear Gabe: A Video-Letter from Alexandra Juhasz
50:05, 2003, mini-dv


Alexandra Juhasz