Aiming for the trees: Random Access Information and the Digital Video Study

For the 13th international symposium, “Gift of Nam June Paik 13,” a discussion about the digital archive of Nam June Paik’s video and its possibilities and limits under the theme of “video digital commons.”

The beginning point of this symposium is Nam June Paik’s essays, “Extended Education for the Paperless Society” (1968) and “Random Access Information”(1980), which inspired us in the first place to imagine a digital video archive. Via an examination of the current attributes of the digital archive―ephemeral, virtual, moving images, etc.―we will reach discussions about what kind of “digital commons” should be achieved through Nam June Paik Art Center digital video archive.

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Topics: 2021-2022: Recent Work |  Archives |  COVID-19 |  Critical Internet Studies |  Digital Production |  Film/Video Production |  Highlight |  Media Studies |  Video | 

Alexandra Juhasz