The Watermelon Woman

The Watermelon Woman photo

Produced in 1995
Length: 90 minutes

First Run Features. 16mm

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Winner “Teddy Bear” Berlin Film Festival, Audience Awards at Creteil Women’s Festival, Torino, Toronto and Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Festivals, Taipei Golden Horse Festival, featured at New York and San Francisco Gay Festivals and Toronto Film Festival, 1996. 20th Anniversary Screenings: Berlinale, Outfest Fusion.

Film and photos created for the film both selected for 1997 and 1999 Whitney Biennial.
Aired on Sundance Channel and BET. Distributed by First Run Features.

Genre: Feature Film 
Topics: Curatorial, Editor, Organizer |  Fake Documentary |  Feminist Media |  Film/Video Production |  Queer Media | 

Alexandra Juhasz