What Would a COVID 19 Doula Do Zine

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This zine is a snapshot of a time from the WHAT WOULD AN HIV DOULA DO? (WWHIVDD) community, responding in words, actions and images to the unfolding, unprecedented, global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first half of the zine is rooted in the exhibition, Metanoia: Transformation through AIDS Archives and Activism curated by WWHIVDD for the ONE Archives Foundation (ONE).

The second half are responses from our Metanoia and WWHIVDD communities responding to the prompt: What Does a COVID-19 Doula Do? Many of the entries were submitted the second week of March as people in the US were finally waking up to the emergency. We hope the zine informs, soothes, activates, and inspires.

Published in What Would a COVID 19 Doula Do Zine, 2020

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Alexandra Juhasz