Multimodal Editing and the Future

Today, we’ll be bringing together scholars from around the US to discuss how we edit, review, and generally think about multimodal editing.

I approach critiquing creative media projects by trying to get into the mindset of the person creating the work, both in terms of the content and its potential unfolding for various viewers, and in terms of the technical and aesthetic aspects of how the piece fits together. Perhaps this means that the reviewer can address only part of the process the author has gone through. We could tease out the various levels at which this kind of critique could be written, and equally important, the way it should be phrased. For example, should the reviewer address her own paths through the project. Should she skype with the author to ask questions or carry on a dialogue?

Published in Fembot Collective, 2014-01-16

Session led by Julia Lesage (University of Oregon) and Alex Juhasz

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Topics: Critical Internet Studies |  Feminist Media |  Interviews |  Pedagogy | 

Alexandra Juhasz