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Learning The 5 Lessons of YouTube

Published in International Journal of Learning and Media, 2009-12-01

Topics: Critical Internet Studies |  Pedagogy | 

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MP:Me: Variant of a Manifesta

Published in Millennium Film Journal, 2009-05-02

Topics: Critical Internet Studies |  Feminist Media |  Video | 

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Documentary on YouTube: the failure of the direct cinema of the slogan

Published in Rethinking Documentary, 2008-02-05

Topics: Critical Internet Studies |  Documentary |  Feminist Media | 

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Why (Not) to Teach on YouTube

Published in The Video Vortex Reader, 2008-02-02

Topics: Critical Internet Studies |  Highlight |  Pedagogy |  Video | 

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The Failures of the Flesh and the Revival of AIDS Activism

Published in Failure: Experiments in Aesthetics and Social Practices, 2007-02-02

Topics: Activist Media |  AIDS | 

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Video Remains: Nostalgia, Technology, and Queer Archive Activism

Published in GLQ, 2006-04-25

Topics: AIDS |  Archives |  Documentary |  Queer Media |  Video | 

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The Future Was Then: Re-investing in Feminist Media and Politics

Published in Camera Obscura, 2006-04-02

Topics: Feminist Media |  Media Studies | 

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Women, Gay Men and AIDS

Published in Corpus, 2006-03-02

Topics: AIDS |  Curatorial, Editor, Organizer |  Queer Media |  Reviews and Journalistic Writing | 

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From the Scenes of Queens: Genre, AIDS and Queer Love

Published in The Cinema of Todd Haynes, 2006-02-02

Topics: AIDS |  Highlight |  Queer Media | 

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The Crisis in Publishing, In Focus

Published in Cinema Journal, 2005-03-25

Topics: Curatorial, Editor, Organizer |  Media Studies |  Pedagogy | 

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Victim Stories: Documenting Pain, Punishment, Prison and Power

Published in Studies in Law, Politics and Society, 2004-11-21

Topics: Activist Media |  Documentary |  Video | 

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No Woman is an Object

Published in Camera Obscura, 2003-11-12

Topics: Activist Media |  Documentary |  Feminist Media | 

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So Many Alternatives: The Alternative AIDS Video Movement

Published in From ACT UP to the WTO, 2002-04-02

Topics: Activist Media |  AIDS |  Reviews and Journalistic Writing |  Video | 

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The Phallus UnFetished: The End of Masculinity in 90s "Feminist Cinema"

Published in The End of Cinema as We Know It, 2001-02-02

Topics: Feminist Media |  Highlight |  Queer Media | 

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It’s About Autonomy Stupid

Published in Sexualities, 1999-08-21

Topics: Documentary |  Feminist Media | 

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The Politics of Realist Feminist Documentaries

Published in Visible Evidence, 1999-02-02

Topics: Documentary |  Feminist Media |  Highlight | 

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Bad Girls Video Come and Go …

Published in Visible Evidence, 1999-01-25

Topics: Feminist Media |  Highlight |  Video | 

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Make a Video for Me!

Published in Gendered Epidemic, 1998-10-24

Topics: Activist Media |  AIDS |  Documentary |  Video | 

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Media Activism

Published in Encyclopedia of AIDS, 1998-02-02

Topics: Activist Media |  AIDS |  Documentary | 

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Making AIDS Video as Radical Pedagogy

Published in Radical Teacher, 1997-03-21

Topics: AIDS |  Documentary |  Pedagogy | 

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