ACT UP, A Sonnet by Devon Narine-Singh

ACT UP, A Sonnet photo

Produced in 2021
Length: 47 mins

Devon Narine-Singh

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This Summer (2021), What Would an HIV Doula Do? watched the chosen excerpts and recorded their own responses, creating a new oral history. Some are zoom calls, others spoken word responses in total darkness. AIDS is not over and the Doulas push us to understand the urgency of that in a matter of poetics and politics.” — DNS
With: Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad, Alexandra Juhasz, Ben Evans, Jennie Brier, Cea (Constantine Jones), David Harvey, Nick Melloan-Ruiz, Sur Rondey (Sur), Tamara Oyola-Santiago

Genre: Video 
Topics: 2021-2022: Recent Work |  Activist Media |  AIDS |  COVID-19 |  Interviews |  Queer Media | 

Alexandra Juhasz