You Get the Picture

I was not born again when film studies went digital because I was always and already post-film. Starting in graduate school in Cinema Studies at New York University in the 1980s, my medium of choice was (activist) video, and by this I don’t mean simply that I thought and wrote and taught about the medium, but that I also made it, and this in relation to the communities and political issues that matter to me. Hence, like many others at the edges of the field of Film Studies, I have always done my scholarly writing as an activist/art practice and visa versa. This I call my media praxis, where I join those who “theorize and make media towards stated projects of world and self-changing. This ongoing project, as old as cinema itself, links culture, theory, and politics, in the 20th century, through mediation technologies and indebted to Marxist theories.”

Published in Frames Cinema Journal, 2012-07-01

Issue 1 (July 2012), "Film and Moving Image Studies: Reborn Digital?" ed. Catherine Grant

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Topics: Critical Internet Studies |  Feminist Media |  Media Studies | 

Alexandra Juhasz