VHS Archives, Committed Media Praxis, and ‘Queer Cinema’

VHS Archives, Committed Media Praxis, and ‘Queer Cinema' photo

Committed media praxis is a doing as much as it is a knowing. Queerness is a manner of
being as much as it is a politics, theory, or set of modish objects. This chapter about topics
that are also processes—queer, media praxis, cinema—performs these across two acts:
“Part 1: A Hesitant or Maybe Just Slightly Defiant Preamble,” is a creative unfolding, in
the body of the text and as much so in its footnotes, of the author’s “queer feminist media
praxis”: “Part 2: VHS Archives” is a demonstration of VHS Archives, a multi-sited, many-yeared
project in experimental pedagogy, web-based archival engagement, and committed
activist interventions into contemporary AIDS activism and queer media.

Published in Oxford Handbook of Queer Cinema, 2021

Ronald Gregg and Amy Villarejo, eds.

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Topics: 2021-2022: Recent Work |  AIDS |  Archives |  Curatorial, Editor, Organizer |  Queer Media | 

Alexandra Juhasz