Figure/Ground Communication Interview

What makes a good teacher in your view?

In our ever more corporate, greedy, and inhumane culture, a good teacher models another way of living and being to her students, one organized around the pursuit of ideas and ideals. She works with her students to allow them to see that each one has the capacity, and ability, to enjoy these activities of thinking about, analyzing, discussing, critiquing and creating culture, and that this is a worthy, empowering, and sustaining use of our labor. She produces a collaborative and interactive environment were all participants are stakeholders in a project of world- and self-making, and where each participant learns to appreciate her abilities to contribute. In this environment, different values from our daily culture preside: respect, critique, self-awareness, collaboration, sustained and adaptive thought, conversation, and production.

Published in Figure/Ground, 2013-02-11

Interviewed by Laureano Ralón

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Alexandra Juhasz