Conclusion: It’s our Collective, Principled Making that Matters Most

The connections and similarities between Ada’s contemporary experiment in online, open peer-reviewed, feminist scholarly publication and my own earlier one remind us about the continuities and progressions of an ongoing set of artistic, scholarly and political needs. At the same time, the shifts within what I had named the “Media Praxis” tradition, due to the unanticipated and then unimaginable reach of technology, globalization, and neoliberalism are also illuminating. Thus, my conclusion to Ada’s special issue elaborates on both the stable and mutable conditions of Media Praxis, as set forth here and there, by putting my considerations from the recent past (and in another digital format) into conversation with the contemporary musings, experiments, and analyses of a valued and varied cast of international colleagues.

Published in ADA: Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, 2014-07-12

Vol. 5, Queer Feminist Media Praxis @Ada

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Topics: Activist Media |  Critical Internet Studies |  Curatorial, Editor, Organizer |  Feminist Media |  Pedagogy |  Queer Media | 

Alexandra Juhasz