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SCALE: Measuring Might in the Media Age

A documentary video by Alexandra Juhasz :: featuring Antonia Juhasz :: 60 mins, 2008

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SCALE: Measuring Might in the Media Age
A documentary video by Alexandra Juhasz. Featuring Antonia Juhasz, 60 mins, 2007. In a time of illicit war, unchecked corporate greed, and a presidential regime that supports such indecencies, two sisters take the media into their own hands. Antonia writes a potential anti-Bush bestseller and goes on a corporate book tour. Alex documents her sister’s “scale-shift,” following Antonia’s ups and downs. Divisions and connections between the sisters mirror those within the left itself, as the sisters experience the power of individual action, media attention, and grassroots movements for social justice.
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Antonia Juhasz is a prominent and active figure in both the anti-globalization and peace movements. The depth and strength of Antonia's network will link this film to activists and organizers around the world. Visit www.thebushagenda.net


THE BUSH AGENDA, by Antonia Juhasz, exposes the Bush Administration's use of corporate globalization policy as a weapon of war in Iraq, the Middle East-through the U.S. Middle East Free Trade Area -- and across the world as it builds a Pax Americana.

Tracing 25 years of corporate globalization policy, it reveals the history and key role of U.S. corporations in the creation of the Bush Agenda, focusing on Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, Chevron, and Halliburton. It concludes with specific achievable alternatives for a more peaceful and sustainable course.

Using her book tour, and then the documentary, SCALE, Antonia will be pursuing an activist campaign to end the BUSH AGENDA. She will focus on exposing the Oil Time Line of the war and the Bush Administration's on-going negotiation of the U.S. Middle East Free Trade Area to expand its economic invasion of Iraq to the entire region. She will continue to follow the oil invasion of Iraq by monitoring the Bush Administration's influence on the development of Iraq's new national oil policy, as well as the role of U.S. oil companies that are influencing that process and benefiting from it through new contracts.

For more information please visit www.thebushagenda.net.

Here Are Your Orders

Help Stop the Economic Invasion of Iraq

Digital video, 15 mins, produced and directed by Alexandra Juhasz. Spring 2006. This short video illustrates a lecture given by Antonia Juhasz on the third anniversary of the Iraq War. Juhasz explains the careful economic and political re-structuring of Iraq through the 100 Bremer Orders put into place during and after the occupation by L. Paul Bremer, as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority.

To order a copy on dvd please contact Alexandra.Juhasz@brooklyn.cuny.edu

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