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Documentaries by Dr. Alexandra Juhasz include SCALE, Dear Gabe, Video Remains,
Women of Vision: 18 Histories in Feminist Film and Video, and Released.

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Watermelon Woman 3.0 considers how the ideas of the project—faking the real, making your own media histories if they’ve been otherwise denied, the role of archives for the construction of self and community, black queer identity—have motivated and motivate across forms.

Re-mastered 20th Year Anniversary Print, 2016. Re-Premiered at Berlin International Film Festival, 2016. Re-Release Festivals and screenings: Fusion, TIFF, SFIFF, MoMA. Theatrical one week run: Metrograph, NY, November, 2016

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THE OWLS: Digital Video, 70 mins. Produced by Alexandra Juhasz. Released in 2010. Premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. Screened at these 2010 Festivals: Seoul, Tei-Pei, Torino, Seattle. Gay festival screenings: LA, NY, Toronto, Salt Lake City, San Francisco. Four aging lesbians accidentally kill a baby-dyke and live to suffer the consequences.

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Video Remains

SCALE: Measuring Might in the Media Age
A documentary video by Alexandra Juhasz. Featuring Antonia Juhasz, 60 mins, 2008.

In a time of illicit war, unchecked corporate greed, and a presidential regime that supports such indecencies, two sisters take the media into their own hands. Antonia writes a potential anti-Bush bestseller and goes on a corporate book tour.

Alex documents her sister’s "scale-shift," following Antonia’s ups and downs. Divisions and connections between the sisters mirror those within the left itself, as the sisters experience the power of individual action, media attention, and grassroots movements for social justice. Learn more, visit www.scalethedocumentary.com

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Video Remains

Video Remains: In 1993, Alex shoots an interview with her best friend Jim as he tries to recount his life as he is dying. In 2004, she re-works this haunted video, playing it in real-time but letting bleed in a host of present day interviewees who also reflect upon AIDS, death, activism, and video.

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Dear Gabe

Dear Gabe presents six professional women who seek to explain to the next generation-our children-how we manage (or do not) given the complex choices that are now open to us. Intimate dv-footage reveals women who bend traditional ideas of race, sexuality, religion, and gender into more equitable forms while still respecting "family values."

Produced by Alexandra Juhasz, Distributed by Cinema Guild.

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Naming Prairie is a 6 minute video by Alexandra Juhasz that celebrates Jewish family, tradition, and ritual. This joyous recounting of a lesbian couple's babynaming ceremony for their daughter, Prairie, also introduces a supportive and diverse network of family and friends who participate in the re-thinking of Jewish life.

Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival, 2002.

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RELEASED: 5 Short Videos about Women and Prison. Released represents the experiences and opinions of women who have been incarcerated in uniquely and intensely personal and/or political art videos. Purchase this video by email to Alexandra.Juhasz@brooklyn.cuny.edu

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90 minutes, 1996.

The Watermelon Woman: Produced by Alexandra Juhasz and Barry Swimar (Paris is Burning), Cheryl Dunye's debut feature follows Cheryl as she struggles to make a video-documentary about a beautiful 1930's film actress popularly know as "the Watermelon Woman."

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82:40 minutes, 1998.

WOMEN OF VISION: 18 Histories in Feminist Film and Video. Written and directed by Alexandra Juhasz, this 3 part television documentary series interviews eighteen scholars, makers, distributors, and critics, and covers a period of time from the 50's to the 90's.

Screened at Creteil Women's Festival; New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Festivals; college campuses. Airs on Free Speech TV, freespeechtv.org.

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