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Alexandra Juhasz
Dr. Alexandra Juhasz is Chair of the Film Department, Brooklyn College. She makes and studies committed media practices that contribute to political change and individual and community growth.  

She is the author of AIDS TV: Identity, Community and Alternative Video (Duke University Press, 1995), Women of Vision: Histories in Feminist Film and Video (University of Minnesota Press, 2001), F is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth’s Undoing, co-edited with Jesse Lerner (Minnesota, 2005), Learning from YouTube (MIT Press, 2011), A Companion to Contemporary Documentary Film, co-edited with Alisa Lebow (Blackwell Press, 2015), and Sisters in the Life: 25 Years of African-American Lesbian Filmmaking, co-edited with Yvonne Welbon (Duke University Press, 2018). 

Dr. Juhasz is also the producer of educational videotapes on feminist issues from AIDS to teen pregnancy.  She has directed the feature documentaries SCALE: Measuring Might in the Media Age (2008), Video Remains (2005), Dear Gabe (2003) and Women of Vision: 18 Histories in Feminist Film and Video (1998), and the shorts RELEASED: 5 Short Videos about Women and Film (2000) and Naming Prairie (2001), a Sundance Film Festival, 2002, official selection.

She is the producer of the feature films The Watermelon Woman (Cheryl Dunye, 1997) and The Owls (Dunye, 2010).

She and Anne Balsamo were the first co-facilitators of the network, FemTechNet, which debuted its feminist rethinking of a MOOC, a Distributed Online Open Course in 2013. The “Dialogues in Feminist Technology” project continues at femtechnet.newschool.edu.

Her current work is on fake newsonline feminist pedagogyYouTube, and other more radical uses of digital media. Her work in critical digital studies and community is happening  at #100hardtruths-#fakenews and ev-ent-anglement.com.

View Naming Prairie, Dear Gabe, SCALE, and Women of Vision at snagfilms.com.

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ON THE INTERNET (Interviews, Reviews, Op Eds)

“on care, activism and HIV,” with Theodore Kerr, Hema, Issue 2: Infection, June 2017: http://hematopoiesispress.com/on-care-activism-and-hiv

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Selected Films & Videos

THE WATERMELON WOMAN 20th Year Re-Master and Re-Release
Producer with Marc Smolowitz. DCP with support from Outfest Legacy Project, TIFF.
Re-Premiered at Berlin Intl Film Festival, 2016.
Re-Release Festivals and screenings: Fusion, TIFF, SFIFF, MoMA.
Theatrical one week run: Metrograph, NY, November, 2016.
Distributed by First Run Features. Streaming.

Digital Video, 70 mins. Producer. Released in 2010
Premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Screened at these 2010 Festivals: Seoul, Tei-Pei, Torino, Seattle.
Gay festival screenings: LA, NY, Toronto, Salt Lake City, San Francisco.
Four aging lesbians accidentally kill a baby-dyke and live to suffer the consequences.
Distributed by First Run Features. Streaming.

SCALE: Measuring Might in the Media Age
Digital video. 90 mins. Producer/Director. In post-production.
In a time of illicit war, unchecked corporate greed, and a presidential regime that supports such indecencies, two sisters take the media into their own hands seeking change. Antonia writes a potential anti-Bush bestseller for a mainstream publisher and goes on a corporate book tour. Alex documents her sister’s "scale-shift," following Antonia’s ups and downs on the road. Divisions and connections between the sisters mirror those within the left itself, as the sisters experience the power of individual action, media attention, and grassroots movements for social justice.
Available at snagfilms.com. Airs on www.freespeech.org
Learn more,
visit scalethedocumentary.com
Purchase a copy of this video by email to

HERE ARE YOUR ORDERS: Help Stop the Economic Invasion of Iraq
Digital video. 15 mins. Producer/Director. In production, Spring 2006.
This short video illustrates a lecture given by Antonia Juhasz on the third anniversary of the Iraq War. Juhasz explains the careful economic and political re-structuring of Iraq through the 100 Bremer Orders put into place during and after the occupation by L. Paul Bremer, as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Digital video. 54 mins. Producer/Writer/Director. 2005.
Remembers and mourns the AIDS deaths and activism of the 1980s through one long-take interview of a dying friend.
Purchase a copy of this video by email to Alexandra.Juhasz@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Digital video. 50 mins. Producer/Writer/Director. 2003.
6 college friends, feminists all, make diverse choices about creating and raising family.
VIEW IT at snagfilms.com

Beta-SP. 6 mins. Producer/Writer/Director. Sundance, 2002, official selection.
Queer Fests (NY, LA, SF, Toronto). Jewish Film Festivals (San Francisco).
A lesbian couple celebrates their daughter & family with a Jewish babynaming ceremony.
VIEW IT at snagfilms.com

27:30 minutes. Digital Video. Producer. 2001.
Women in the Director’s Chair, Queer Fests (NY, LA, SF, Toronto), Prison Fests.
6 media artists collaborate with women prisoners to represent new visions of this crisis.
Purchase a copy of this video by email to Alexandra.Juhasz@brooklyn.cuny.edu

82:40; 3 part television documentary series. BETA SP.
Distributed by Cinema Guild.
Interviews eighteen scholars, makers, distributors and critics involved in this history.
Screened at Creteil Women's Festival; New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Festivals; college campuses. Airs on Free Speech TV. (freespeechtv.org).

1997. 7 mins. 16mm Narrative Short. Producer for Killer Films.
Palm Springs & Hamptons Short Fests, IFFM. Airs on: PBS, IFC, atomfilms.com.

1996. 16mm Feature Narrative. Producer. Toronto Intl. Awards: Teddy Bear, Berlin; Audience Awards at Creteil, Torino, LA Gay & Lesbian Fests, Hong Kong.
1997 Whitney Biennial. Theatrically released, airs on Sundance and BET.