AIDS Crisis Revisitation and Conversational Stewardship

With Theodore Kerr. In our book we enact and chronicle four steps in a process of using and making items from and for the AIDS archives in hopes of better world-making. We give names to these approaches to the past, steps forward driven by things and their inter-relations, through a dense, lengthy, changing set of conversations: between the two of us, with prized cultural objects, and within an activist community. Our book models one process—from naming, to conversation, video and God, and to conversational stewardship—while making use of our community’s art, actions, and drive and relying upon our respect for each other.

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AIDS and the Distribution of Crises

By invoking the terms “crises” and “distribution” in the title of this volume, we draw from and reflect on AIDS: how is it one (or many) of the outcomes and expressions of crises that are made ordinary and exceptional at the same time? How are these durations and intensities of crises experienced in specific contexts? For AIDS, the critical suspicion around the inflation of crisis rhetoric might appear to brush up against historical and political refusals to recognize the catastrophic consequences of the virus.

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