making connections. making things. making the feminist-Internet

making connections. making things. making the feminist-Internet photo

Fembot, Laundry Day, Feminist Media Production.

I am building FOS to hold serious conversations, principled interactions, and fun little media objects occurring under the rubrics and methods of feminism (join us!) I made this place because I realized that my five-years of attempting to build a radical place and pedagogic system about and on YouTube for LFYT—occurring as it did within the most emblematic corporate entertainment platform of web 2.0—pushed me, dizzyingly and almost willingly, into a “feminist online cybercloset,” what with all the evasions, sleights of hand, and ameliorizations I needed to take on and up to be able to speak in these wide open, popular/ist, misogynist environments, as a radical feminist scholar and artist.

Published in Fembot Collective, 2012-06-08

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